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Aug 01, 2011


Recently -- today? -- McKinsey came out with a great article on the end of "push advertising." Pretty great read.


I think most competent leadership knows social media is a very important and growing portion of how their customers are communicating. The breakdown often occurs on HOW to use it properly to increase sales or strengthen your brand. The real strategy work is not should we or shouldn’t we be in the space. It’s how do we get a truly effective and measurable result from our investment.

Jed Leyland

Funny...growing up you always thought marketing people, advertising types, etc were one step ahead of the public.
I guess the continued girth of the Yellow Pages - which are best used for booster seats,door stops, and fire starters is Exhibit A that the public only seems behind because they are about to lap the marketeers in the race for innovation.
Famous bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. "That's where the money is."

Heah, marketeers. It's 2011. Social Media. That's where the people are. Wake up and smell the java script.

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