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May 16, 2013



Thanks Brent and Rondo for the great feedback.


Fantastic. Perhaps your best piece of work. This will go in my file of pieces to review periodically to re-center and inspire.

Ron in Alexandria

Regarding…"The awesome spark of creativity is a mostly-missing curriculum in many of our children’s early lives, largely the result of reduced school budgets" - my justice sensors just gave way to my reality sensors. By what measure have school budgets been reduced - particularly as it relates to a somewhat historical lament?

Alas, I suspect the long and steady transference of the general looking out for one another from individuals (e.g., neighbors, family, friends…etc.,) to the State has been the main source of neutering as it comes to “personal justice sensors” – and for that matter, the decline of personal accountability…call it a state-induced sense of civic absolution and the attendant withdrawal of humanity.

We are in deep, deep, deep waters; relative to the magnitude and scope of government, all of its appendages, machinations and subterfuge…and deeper still in debt. All claims to school budget reductions aside. And thus, the greater the wresting away from local stewardship and shaping of our education – the worse the results shall be – and that is the direction we’re traveling.

The 25-year period cited is one of noticeably less local leadership – and more State & Federal control – it’s utterly unsuitable and ineffectual.

“If the only solutions are going to be creative ones…and creativity is the very thing that’s been removed from the school system.” Clearly, the inexorable growth of government drains the creativity pool – and that the creative solutions are not going to come from the current system – nor will they emanate from the engineers and overlords of that system.

Frankly – I believe true enduring solutions (which may or may not be creative) will be much simpler than those that have been foisted and are being developed. For Einstein’s imagination was generally launched and driven by; sitting still and quietly, long walks alone, and admittedly – while playing the violin.

Take care.

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