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January 24, 2013



James, thanks very much for your spot-on observations. It's interesting that people in media, in particular, still don't see the fundamental differences between platforms, even inside digital, much less print and/or broadcast.
Monetization remains a bugaboo.

Andrew, looking forward to the start of the revolution!!

James Mathewson

Hey Gary,

As I wrote ad nauseum in my book, print and digital are fundamentally different animals. In print, the publisher is in control of the story. Readers are captive audiences who will gladly pause to look at ads and sometimes even act on them. In digital, readers (viewers?) are in control of the story. They are not a captive audience and are much less apt to pause and look at, much less click ads. They piece the story together by searching for, clicking, bouncing, searching again, etc. Learning their search behavior and helping them build their story is how you engage with digital "readers".

Monetizing digital is about giving them what they are looking for on and in their terms. It's about helping them piece together their story, recognizing that they have many of the same wants and needs as print readers. I call it outside-in marketing, but it goes by other names: Inbound, pull, content marketing, pick a buzzword. We do it very successfully at IBM. But, then, we are not publishers primarily. Publishing is just the means to the end of selling products and services.

Just a few thoughts,

James Mathewson

The answer is in between paid content and advertising. And with that, I'll see you next week. ;)

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