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November 07, 2012


Ron in Alexandria

Loose - you are correct - we disagree. As you say, I do have considerable concerns with the politicians in Washington. And by association, the folks that put them there.


Ron. I disagree. America is not a welfare state. Try France, Sweden, Greece, Russia, China...if you want government driven societies. Your issues are with politicians in Washington, not the bulk of the American people. We elect politicians, or not. I believe we have the judgment to prevail.

Ron in Alexandria

America doesn't know we can't become a welfare state – she’s simply slow to recognize we have become a welfare state. It is true that we do have some very difficult decisions to make - but I am greatly concerned there are few in Washington with a suitable understanding of what these decisions are – and fewer still possessing the integrity, prudence and fortitude to level with the citizenry and make the right ones. Shared sacrifice IS needed – but far too many people are disingenuous about the obvious nature of any sacrifice that is literally sacrifice and literally shared. I submit that the “big” issues our cunning political class is babbling about are very much akin to fiddling while Rome burns. In my estimation, it was another big election cycle squandered…as the needle moves from ‘urgent’ to ‘dire’…simply the kind of outcome a reasonable person could expect from a bunch of distracted fools led by clever dummies. I find it difficult to love America's mind, because it appears to me that she has lost it. Admittedly, your take is a bit more hopeful than mine – as was the case with the “Arab Spring.”


Right on! Whether you agree or disagree with the premises of the constitutional amendment proposals, the Constitution is to ensure rights, not to codify discrimination - a cynical and fortunately rejected attempt by the GOP. Voters are smarter than legislators. I hope this is a clarion call to - finally - begin to work together to solve the massive problems we face.

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