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November 15, 2012



Where is Lewis Black when you need him, indeed! I'm right there with you about the vast amounts of nothingness in Twitterland.


Brian, Thanks. I'm going to go with Context is Queen.

Jo Campe

Right on my friend... keep up the good work...

Brian Solis

Context defines content it doesn't replace it. And if you did any form of reading or homework, you would see that I've not nor would I ever say that. I've talked about getting smarter and becoming more relevant for a no, it's not just about Facebook data.

Think about your assertion for a moment, what does publishing context look like without content? It's pretty simple. The BS that exists out there is a derivative of a content first approach, which is much of the bs out there anyway...where people take a channel first approach without thinking through engagement and outcomes. I think we're more in agreement than you see now. And the day politicians step in to limit personal data sharing is the day we have another more important conversation.

Ron in Alexandria

Tip: I post comments here to confound those trying to understand me through my personal data. ;-)


Melissa, funny. No question context is critical, something the CEO of HubSpot recently did a video on (yes, it was one of those hazardous curations). My argument is with Solis' contention that context replaces content. Bullshit!!

Melissa Rach

I think you and Brian Solis are in violent agreement. Yes, there certainly is too much crap online, and there are people that are exploiting social media for all it's worth.

However, as content professionals, context is an important part of our future -- and it has been an important part of our past. (Even without the advent of the web, we would have never put an ad for Tofurkey in Field & Stream. Wrong context.)

Whether or not Facebook can legally gather our data without permission is hardly the issue. Today's users often expect and prefer contextual content. The challenge is creating quality content in a faster, ultra-targeted environment.

To me, context and content are like your right and left foot -- the fastest way to get somewhere is to continually alternate which one is in the lead. right. left. right. left. Ethical use of contextual content is an exciting opportunity, not a threat.

p.s. Reading 550 Facebook posts and 550 Twitter feeds a day is hazardous to your health.


Personal Data: data about my personal interests, demography, psychography, consumer behavior, family and friend information derived from G-Mail, FB posts, Twitter feeds, etc., that are gathered without my permission.


What do you define as "Personal Data?"

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