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September 21, 2012



Thank you Polina. Couldn't agree more. Curiosity and in formation acquisition = serendipity!

Polina - The Cube Consulting

PS Congratulations!

Polina - The Cube Consulting

The CEO of a Fortune 250 corporation once shared nine leadership qualities that he seeks out in candidates. One of those qualities is a curiosity for information to gain a broad understanding of the world.

There is a common misunderstanding in business that curiosity and broad understanding of the world are tied to age or tenure. Working in Human Resources I've held many discussions with leaders to clarify this misunderstanding. This misconception poses a high level of risk for organizations of any size leading to poor hiring, promotion, performance assessment and succession planning decisions.


Big thumbs up.


My goal is to remain as voraciously curious well into my late 90's and beyond.

Curiousity = Life!


I too read everything that comes my way. Being a speed reader I devour all. The content I may not always agree with.


God I hoped it would resonate with someone out there. Thanks Ron. You're not nuts. The other side of that coin of course is, what's wrong with insane??!!

Ron in Alexandria

L.C. - thanks for this contribution - great insight.

It really resonates with me, and most helpfully removes from me a sense of isolation with respects to my proclivity for reading many disparate things and sending them on in all directions. When you know others are engaged in the same practice, it doesn't seem quite so insane - even if it is - perception matters.

Finally, thanks for the Ellen Parr quote - I'm always on the lookout enduring treasures such as this.


I love your mom, David! Thanks.

David Gee

I have friends who care nothing about the cars I continually fawn over. Friends with lots of money, who can, and do, buy the kinds of vehicles I lust over, merely to get them from "A" to "B." Sometimes I wish I were like them. The not caring for cars part. Okay, maybe the other part, too.

I have a brother-in-law who easily eschews desserts. A person to whom pies and cookies and cakes and other assorted sweets mean nothing. He's not on some health kick, he just doesn't like them. At all. Oh, how sweet that would be, huh?

And like you, Gary, I am perpetually curious about the world, sometimes to the detriment of my productivity - and sanity.

So there are lots of times, this moment included, when I should be relentless in my pursuit of meeting deadlines and hammering away at my to do list, instead of being taken off in a myriad of interesting, but time sucking, direction(s).

My top StrengthsFinders theme is input, which often does directly impact my output.

There is a part of me that laments my love for cars, and sweets, and distracting journeys.

I voiced this sentiment to my mom one day and she said, "Yeah, I get it. But think of how much pleasure you get from each of those things. Why would you trade that for someone who doesn't care as much, isn't as interested, and doesn't feel your passion? Maybe about anything in their life. That doesn't seem like a good trade to me."

I agree. So I read lots of car magazines and occasionally bum a ride with my well heeled friends, exercise a lot to enable the consumption of the occasional cookie, and put up with my voracious appetite for reading - and learning.

And you know what Gary? Like the actor Jim Carrey once told me when I asked if his life was crazy, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Thanks for sharing. And please don't hesitate to share similarly if you come across a medicinal cure for our shared affliction.

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