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January 24, 2012


Ron in Alexandria, MN

Increasingly it appears our federal government is evolving into some kind of a dinosaur - very large body - very small brain.


The FDA sent Diamond a letter saying "your walnuts are drugs and cannot be legally marketed in the United States without a new drug application." See you in the pharmacy!


I wasn't aware of the FDA classifying walnuts as a drug. I am curious if they will be an over the counter medication or require a prescription.

I'm imagining waiting at the pharmacy counter at Target while the pharmacist reads through the doctors orders on how to eat the walnuts. I would ensure that I receive a receipt so I can submit my walnuts for reimbursement from my medical flex benefit account.

If walnuts are available without a prescription, I hope people don't abuse walnuts and try to cook them into anything else.

I understand the intent with limiting access to drugs and ensuring claims made by drug companies are legitimate. But this is an example of waste; a broken bureaucracy.

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