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July 14, 2011


Ron in Alexandria, MN

Wow - our perceptions greatly differ on this one. You can't play as a team with a shoot-happy ball-hog and President Obama is off the charts in that regard - as he clangs one $1.25+ trillion deficit brick after another against the US Treasury. I am no of McConnell, but I guess even he can spot an exercise in can’t accomplish something with a person who is diametrically opposed to an objective. McConnell’s the 3rd person off the bench in the ridiculous political budget “game” being played in Washington D.C. (i.e., no starter in the game) – but even he can spot the obvious. Obama should be honest with the American public and counter the Cut, Cap and Balance bill with his – the Spend, Tax and Borrow bill. Clarity with regards to the true competing choices would be refreshing, and it would ignite a discussion that would lead to a better tomorrow. Delay, defer and deny isn’t going to get us there...just a thought.


Excellent idea Jeff. Whole buckets of poison over there.

Jeff Allen

Gary, all politics are local. How about evaluating the toxicity of the St. Paul contingent?

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