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May 12, 2011



A better siultoon would be to revamp Social Security, which has become the nation's biggest entitlement'.The very same people who complain about social welfare programs' for single mothers, unemployeds, homeless and hungry citizens are the ones who collect Social Security, whether they need it or not.Social Security was intended as an insurance plan' to protect those who reached their golden years without sufficient financial resources to survive. Instead, it's turned into an entitlement' that everyone believes they deserve just because they've paid into it .I know people with net worths in excess of a million dollars, people who drive luxury cars, own multiple homes, go on extended lavish vacations, and have various income sources that still think they ought to get a Social Security check. Social Security is just like any other insurance: if you pay monthly premiums for house insurance, you won't collect unless you lose your home in a fire or some other accident. If you pay monthly car insurance premiums, you hope you never have an accident and have to file a claim. Similarly, you should pay into Social Security while you're working in hopes that you'll have sufficient funds on which to live without claiming any Social Security benefits. IF you're one of those who are unfortunate enough to not have any assets at age 65, then and only then should you be entitled to receive Social Security.I live in a senior retirement community. My neighbor collects four different pensions, worth $5000 a month, and STILL plans to apply for Social Security when he turns 65. That's nothing but sheer greed.Those of us who are fortunate enough to have acquired sufficient assets on which to enjoy a comfortable retirement should be PROUD to help those who aren't as fortunate. But, instead, we continue to plunder and pillage the Social Security program until it will, almost certainly, eventually be bankrupt. And then we'll sit back and say, Gee, I wonder why my kids and grandkids don't get any Social Security? The answer will be simple: because YOU stole it all from them (even though you had plenty of money to live on). Killing off the baby boomers isn't the answer; it's not even cost-efficient, because it will result in massive litigious actions of unimaginable consequences. Reforming Social Security and returning it to its original intent is, by far, the best final' siultoon.-RKO- 08/09/09


These senior-ocytes may be business owners supplying jobs to a number of individuals. If the owner liquidates or sells the business there is never a guarantee that the jobs will stay.


That is SOOOO true Ron. But they know who they are.

Ron in Alexandria, MN

"Make Assumptions" would've been a better title for this sermonette

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