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April 18, 2011



Zuckerberg should be held accountable and for quality assurance purposes provide a level of safety and reliability to his customers. However, I still find the threat of Facebook spam is absolutely minuscule compared to virus, spam, malware, and spyware the Swiss cheese operating system known as Windows has exposed your life to. The cost of "protecting" your computers and the security issues in the workplace because Microsoft in all its years as a multi-billion dollar corporation has been unable to solve is vexing. And if you raise this issue with IT guys or you unvirtual "friends" standing in line at the Geek Squad the moan at you and mumble, "Oh that's just because you're an Apple fanboy." Hummm... it is? Do you feel safe with Windows? Do you want to feel safe from virus', spam, malware, and spyware? Do you feel like a third rate computer user in fly-over land? Well, get out your checkbook and small business get prepared for the high costs of installing the firewalls around your network because Microsoft, with all its billions, is not going to guarantee safe and secure money back spamless, virusless, malwareless, and spywareless products.

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