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March 18, 2011



Mihali - ain't it the truth. The only hero I know is my daughter.

Ron - thank you and duly noted.

Mihali Yiannopoulos

the Librarian of Congress wrote a book many years ago in which he made an observation to this effect: we don't create heroes anymore, only celebrities.


Ron in Alexandria, MN

My apologies; I could have made my point clearer - that what was particularly concerning to me was the manner in which Al came to be elected as "our" Senator (i.e., the post election process whereby the vote counts were chaotically adjusted was what I found the most appalling)...I did see him mentioned, but I thought the post-election process was a greater embarrassment than the notion that he was a “late-bloomer”. I deserved the rebuke for the sloppiness with which I made my point!


Am I crazy or is Al Franken's name written in invisible ink?! Ron, Rob, read the whole column! I don't favor political parties, I'm looking for good people!


That you would mention Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty and not the ultra embarrassing Al Franken tells me and your other readers everything we need to know about your political leanings. Thanks for saving many of us the time and trouble of reading your column in the future.


Ron, you must not have read the column. I mentioned us sending a comedian to the Senate. Your assertion that I have one eye shut may be what the psychologists call projection.


Ron, you seem to like to take the side of the right-wingers and tea-baggers. Too bad you can't agree with Mr. Johnson. We moved here 21 years ago from North Dakota--very conservative state--and were so pleasantly surprised by the open-mindedness and character of our leaders here...a lot to be proud of. Then came Pawlenty, Denny Hecker, Bachmann, and the self-righteous ultra-rich telling people how to act but not setting a good example themselves. How sad--I miss the MN we knew in 1990! Pawlenty is an embarrassment and I expect he and Bachmann will cancel each other out. Where have all the moderate "non-born again Republican Christians" gone? Do as I say, not as I do is now the Republicans' mantra -- unless someone speaks up and takes back your moderate party.

Ron in Alexandria, MN

That you could write an article about the demise of our state and not mention the Al Franken and Co. of apparently stealing an election and becoming recognized as…gulp…a MN Senator (an event far more infamous and notable than your inane bemoaning of Rod Grams) speaks volumes about the demise of our state - and why it ain't coming back anytime soon. We have far too many people processing events and information with one eye shut tightly. I appreciate you making an effort to raise a point about what is a concerning issue, I only wish you were capable of achieving a higher level of equanimity in the attempt.

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