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January 19, 2011



Having passed through the medical system a few times in the last couple of years with major medical procedures and surgery, I believe we have very high medical quality and standards being practiced by our doctors, attending physicians, nurses, and technical staff. Where America is terribly insufficient and inadequate is health care delivery. Our delivery system is maddenly inefficient, overly bureaucratic, wasteful and horrendously expensive. And there are specific instances where the delivery system and excessive private insurance bureaucracy impedes the abilities of very competent and concerned medical practitioners. These costs strap small and large businesses, for-profit and non-profit organizations, government institutions and their employees with high priced packages and unaffordable premiums. We can fix these problems if we throw aside hyperbolic ideological rhetoric, emotional politics, and act in the best interests of patients and the health of Americans.


And you should write that book... You have the words, you have experienced what most individuals never will, and you have a passion for communcating.

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