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December 16, 2010


Dan T.

Amen. I'm buying what you're selling, Mr. Johnson.

As a "hard-working middle class American", I am in much more need of a financial stable and functioning federal government than I am of short or long-term tax relief. What a breath of fresh air it would be to find clear heads on all sides of the political debate with the courage to draft (and support) a deficit commission report that requires compromise by all for the long term benefit our our democracy. That would be strength of character.


Considering current realities, deficit reduction is crucial to any hope for less government.

Ron in Alexandria, MN

Government as a source of hope is a fraud - that some folks believe otherwise, is in large part, at the root of the problem. The elected purveyors of this canard sell the myth simply to wrest power, money and control away from the citizenry. My hope is the flow of the concentration of power, money and control is halted and ultimately lessened to levels that are suitable, effective and sustainable. Indeed, as a nation, therein lies our ONLY hope.

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