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February 25, 2009



Thank You Gary, for taking the risk. You address the need for real National concern, leadership from all leaders, and to stop pissing outside the latrines in our Nations Capitol Building.
Does it take a "9-1-1" to help people focus on working together, and to stop leading with an index finger?
We had our chance to 'rally together' after 9-1-1; two weeks of everyone looking into the eyes of strangers and saying more than, 'haveaniceday'. We went back to not seeing strangers, buying SUVs, and saying 'haveaniceday'.
Piles of broken buildings, piles of dead-helmets, piles of childrens bones, piles of rusting cars and computers, lines of people waiting for handouts; speaks Biblical lessons for technologically advanced societies.

This Country is not in a "Great Depression", potentially, it's a worse condition than 1929.
It is a time for each Person, Lawyer, Politician, Banker, Intellectual, and 'Rush type', to say;
"what can I do to help my Country"...


All I could think of as I watched Nancy Pelosi - "Here's a new drinking game for college students. Every time Nancy stands up, take a drink." They'd be plowed within the first 15 minutes. I appreciate her enthusiams, but good grief!


As a follow-up on the divisive nature of political parties, I assume you caught the Rush Limbaugh "show" at the Conservative PAC meeting? I'm not sure I've ever watched an individual, who many consider to be a spokepserson for a major political party, and thought "this guy is dangerous". This horribly insecure man, a hugely wealthy, recovering drug addict who became increasingly pumped up by the adoration of an extremely partisan tribe. It was what you'd see watching Howard Stern at a porn convention.

Should we really be placing so much attention on people like this?
It is so divisive, working in opposition to any common missions we as a country have.

jJean and Dick Mankamyer

Hey Gary,
Great commentary on the "Not the State of the Union Address". It is painfully clear that Lee Atwater's attempts at dividing and conquering the various subgroups in our country, in order to win elections, has become firmly rooted in Congress, as evidenced by the partisan posturing on display in Congress in recent weeks. This political strategy has become a cancer on our country and those who perpitrate it are a danger to democracy. As a result, this is no longer a nation of "we", but rather a nation of " them vs us". Until this changes, the future of our country looks bleak. It can only change if all of us work together and stop rewarding politicians and candidates, who succumb to this divisive strategy, by electing and re-electing them to office.

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