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Sep 13, 2011



Want to know how I found out about the Audi R8? When I first saw pics of Taylor Lautner driving it. He was taking Taylor Swift on a date and papparazi were taking pics of them in the R8. google it if you don't believe me. A lot of celebs drive Audi's know; Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Lautner and other young Hollywood folks which is making the brand cooler and more hip. That's what is making ME want to drive one. I read somewhere that Audi gave cars to some celebs, can't find a link though. That is the best marketing; having a celeb drive your car. Many people follow new candids of our favorite celebs every day.

Karl Pearson-Cater

I like the part about Apple and this conclusion: Advocates are "giving them the road map to future success". One big part of that is granting budget to actually ACT on great suggestions from fans. If there is no budget to act, there will likely be no success, only passionate suggestions.

Disclaimer: I work with Andrew.
Disclaimer to the Disclaimer: I would have posted this comment even if I didn't work with Andrew.

Olivier, based on your insights, I will amend my thinking on this. People actually do advocate for toothbrushes and chicken sandwiches and anything else that enhances their lives to a new level. Those electronic doo-dad toothbrushes? I know people who swear by them. They can't believe I'm still using one of those "brick and mortar" kinds of toothbrushes. So, I stand corrected.

But don't let this amendment make anyone lose site that this post is still all about the car and my driveway.

Garth Peterson

Thanks Andrew.
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about engaging a known and loyal client base to convert them into overt advocates of the Software as a Service application they use from my company.

BTW, I fully support the Audi R8. Ridiculous!

Tony bagdy

Nice piece -- I especially like this: "We’re at a nexus where we finally put a dagger in the idea that social media is an actual media broadcast channel. It is not. And treating it as one has us in the wrong mentality. Facebook, online forums (like car enthusiasts sites), LinkedIn, and many other sites are places of critical conversation, celebration, critique, and advocacy."

Olivier Blanchard

Do you take IOU's?

Great piece. You've just outlined how simple great marketing by design really can be. And yet, how many companies operate with this mindset?

Granted, big difference between a $160,000 product and a $5 razor. It's easier for Audi to move product by impressing a few well-targeted buyers. They don't need to sell 10,000 units per week to hit their targets. The trick is to take the same principle but apply it to products with lower price-points and higher volume sales. Same exact principle, but a lot more deliberate planning and focused work.

How do you impress the crap out of people with your new toothbrush, for example? Or a chicken sandwich? Or a pair of technical socks? Easy for some of us who have worked in that world a while and already understand the process, but for a lot of 1.0 folks and newcomers on the scene, it seems like an impossible puzzle with a thousand moving parts.

Again though, great piece. If I could read 5 articles per day like this one, I would be a happy camper.

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