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December 18, 2012


Ron in Alexandria

Oops...I got #2 backwards - it would seem more absurd to confront someone without any firearm than with one.

Ron in Alexandria

1. Does seem odd - perhaps we're missing some key facts.
2. It seem more absurd to have the option of confronting with a gun than without one.
3. It's true we still know and understand so little - and yet, more money isn't always the silver bullet we'd hope it to be.
4. There are many things we've p-ssed a trillon dollars on with little to show for it other than looming debt. I guess the easiest reality to recognize is that oversized government and out of control spending certainly robs us of options.
5. So true.
6. The poster child for idle speculation.
7. Terrific suggestions and examples.
8. Other than the concerns about melting - I agree.
9. I do, thanks. Back at you!


You know what I like about the holidays? Reading what you write.


Can't wait to get to your column each week. One of the better things about Thursdays.

Ray Marlowe

Regarding #2 above. You miss the point entirely. It's unlikely that a principal would need to fire a weapon. Just the fact that he or she might have one is enough to dissuade most losers and cowards from even going to the faux gun-free zone that most schools are.

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